Cycling is Everyone’s Business: Q&A with Wild Thang


Staff morale is just as important as productivity. By introducing cycling as part of the working day it can help keep your staff healthy and feeling good whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your organisation. Being active is a vital tool in helping you and your team to remain creative and on top of your game.

With initiatives such as Citybike now so popular in Liverpool, it has allowed employers to think differently about how they can add to their staff’s wellbeing.

We spoke to Andrew Dwerryhouse, managing director of Wild Thang, about the positive impact cycling has had on his team.


How did you first get involved with the scheme?


We were introduced to the Citybike scheme by our contacts at Liverpool City Council. We had already heard about how successful Citybike had been for other businesses, so we wanted to get involved and see how it could enhance our staff wellbeing. We have been a member for almost a year – our ‘Citybike anniversary’ is actually in October and the benefits have been really rewarding.


And why did you choose to get on board with Citybike?


At Wild Thang our staff are at the heart of the business, so we want to make sure they’re well looked after and, above all, happy. Cycling is a brilliant way to get active, which of course has a wealth of benefits. It helps people clear their mind and releases endorphins, lowering stress levels and helping people to feel good, which we want to promote to our team.

We design branded clothing and merchandise for businesses across the city, but nothing innovative is ever produced by sitting at your desk for eight hours straight – we understand that people need time to relax and reflect to produce great work. The team also have the added bonus of being able to use Citybikes outside of work, whether with family or as their go-to means of transport. The city really is their oyster!


Tell us about your corporate membership. What does it involve?


Citybike is England’s largest bike hire scheme outside of London, which as a company founded in Liverpool is something we are really proud of. We wanted an initiative that was going to encourage our staff to feel good and get some fresh air, whilst allowing them to be more in tune with their surroundings.

We top up credit for the six cards that are within the company, with which you can hire up to three bikes per card. Staff simply take the card and cycle to their heart’s content, or even take the family out on the bikes.
It’s great way to get active, but above all we love to hear how our team have enjoyed a trip to the park with their families or how Citybike has helped to make their commute easier and more fun.


What benefits has it brought to the team and the business?


By encouraging our team to cycle more, it means that we don’t have a team that is arriving into the office stressed out. Instead, we have a team that start the day positively and have fresh air for company rather than a queue of traffic.


How have staff responded? Have they got involved?


The staff have got really involved and backed the scheme; they all use the bikes on a regular basis. In fact, I find they’re now a lot more in tune with their surroundings and often comment on things they have seen whilst riding a Citybike.


How many of your staff walk and cycle to work?


Quite a few, actually. The majority of our staff get public transport to work, then walk or cycle for around one third of their journey. Which is great, as they’re still being active and get a chance to be mindful during their commute.


Would you recommend it to other businesses?


Definitely! You always want your team to feel good and cycling is definitely a fantastic way to go about it. Plus, who doesn’t want to get out and about and see our amazing city.

To find out more about Citybike corporate memberships, head over to the website